Professional PAT Testing, Reporting and Certification


Protect your business against Portable Appliance electrical shock incidents and ensure compliance with legal safety and insurance requirements.

Portable Electrical Appliance Safety and Compliance Made Easy.

Expert Portable Appliance Testing

Our qualified engineers carry out Portable Appliance Testing to meet your business requirements helping ensure safety and compliance.

PAT Testing Certification & Reports

Park 100 engineers label all Portable Appliances tested and provide a detailed asset register, same-day certification, and test reporting upon completion of onsite PAT testing.

How PAT Testing Benefits Your Business

Comply With Regulations

Our skilled and qualified engineers carry out periodic PAT testing to help ensure your business complies with the Irish legal requirements of the Safety, Health, And Welfare At Work Act 2013 / S.I No. 291 of 2013.

Meet Insurance Requirements

Park 100’s professional service helps your business meet insurance requirements with competent PAT testing, certification, and record-keeping for 5 years after the inspection was carried out.

Protect Staff & Customers

Detailed inspection and testing are carried out by Park 100 to ensure the Portable Electrical Appliances at your premises are safe to use by employees, customers, and people visiting a business premises.

Improve Asset Lifetime Value

Our Expert Technicians are able to identify flaws and malfunctions that can cause your appliances to not work. This can drastically improve the lifetime value of the appliance and save costs for businesses in the future.

Increased Business Productivity

Your personnel may continue their diligent job at all times if your appliances are always in good working condition and there are no malfunctions.

Asset Tagging & Records

Each Appliance will be labeled with a barcoded ID tag with dates and results printed on them so that is clear that each of your appliances have been tested.

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Proven Process

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PAT Inspection & Testing

Full visual inspection & electrical testing of each of the appliances at your business.

Labelling & Asset Register

Each Appliance will be labeled with a barcoded ID tag with dates and results.

Report & Certification

You will receive a detailed report and certifications outlining the results of all of your appliances.

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