Emergency Lighting


Design, Installation, and Maintenance to meet IS3217 requirements

Emergency Lighting Installation & Maintenance

Emergency lighting systems provide lifesaving illumination during emergency situations and electrical power loss. They allow occupants to exit their buildings safely and are also vital in their support of emergency services entering the building.

IS3217 Maintenance Requirements

Emergency Lighting is regarded as a life safety system and is legally required to meet the standards and obligations of IS3217:2013. It is the responsibility of the owner, occupier, and management of the building to ensure that the emergency lighting system is maintained to meet IS3217 requirements and ensure the effective operation of Emergency Lighting Systems. A requirement of IS3217:2013 is that the lighting must be installed, tested, and maintained by a skilled electrician. Park 100 employs trained and competent engineers to ensure your safely.

Testing & Certification

Annual Emergency Lighting Testing and Maintenance requires quarterly periodic visits including one full 3-hour test and three half-hour tests completed by Park 100’s experienced and qualified engineers further to these quarterly visits, we will supply you with a detailed electronic report, and certification is provided as per IS3217 requirements.

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