Corporate Social Responsibility

At Park 100 we share the vision of “Business in The Community Ireland” to make all companies in Ireland responsible and sustainable.

Our C.S.R Committee meets on a quarterly basis to discuss performance, objectives, targets, and strategies. These objectives, targets and strategies are formulated in line with the five pillars.


How our business interacts with its local community, supporting charities, building
trust, and developing strategic relationships to secure long-term sustainability.


How our business supports, engages with, develops, and motivates our employees.
Motivated and engaged employees are both happier and more productive.


How our business manages its relationships with suppliers and customers. The buying
and selling of products and or services is essential in business, and this is done in an ethical and
sustainable manner which is key to our reputation and long-term viability.

Governance and Communication:

How our business supports, manages, and communicates our
sustainable business practices within our organization.


As a leading business we know we must manage the worlds resources efficiently to
combat climate change. Environmental strategies are essential to the sustainability of our business.