Park 100 high quality commercial intruder alarms to protect businesses of every size and in every industry. We design and install intruder alarm systems that suit your needs and budget, ranging from relatively simple standard intruder alarms to more sophisticated commercial and industrial intruder alarm systems that can be either stand alone or integrated with a range of other security devices e.g. access control and/or CCTV as well as linked to a comprehensive monitoring service.

Intrusion Detection

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For your home and family you demand the very best protection from burglars and other intruders. Park 100’s  domestic intruder alarms do just that. A professionally installed security system can also reduce your insurance premiums, as well as deter burglars. Our domestic system can be linked to a monitoring Control Centre for additional peace of mind.


Park 100 can advice all clients on the extensive monitoring services available for both intruder alarms, fire alarms and CCTV systems.  New or existing systems can be linked to a monitoring centre, where your site is monitoring 24 / 7 by trained personnel. The monitoring centre can monitor CCTV systems, Fire alarms & intruder alarms systems. Fire and intruder alarms can be connected to the system and monitored in conjunction with CCTV camera’s.

ATS8600 – Advisor Management Software


Security and facility management has evolved into a complex set of business functions, which all need to be managed taking safety and security of the staff, visitors and physical assets as a priority. There are numerous factors driving complexity: multiple sites, remote locations, flexible working hours, number of employees and visitors, as well as evolving needs.
Therefore only an integrated management solution is able to cope with this evolution, providing facility and security managers with a clear view and control over these different functions.
Imagine one interface to manage and control on-site or remotely all of your security needs on various premises, ranging from intrusion and fire detection to access control and video surveillance.
Imagine these different systems to interact thanks to a seamless integration enabling verification of events through video streams and linking intrusion and fire events with access control to safeguard the safety and security of people.
Advisor management software is providing just this. It allows to know exactly who is in the building at any given time. Combined with integrated video surveillance, the staff can monitor the building in real-time and thus deliver a safer and more secure environment for all.