AVAC Group

Voice Alarm & Emergency Sound Systems

With the assistance of our sister company SigNET AC Limited – one of Europe’s most respected manufacturers of life safety audio equipment – C-TEC can supply a host of total capability VA, PA and BGM systems.

From a simple single zone system in a shop unit to an airport with multiple zones and many hundreds of speakers, we have the equipment and expertise to provide a compliant, reliable and cost-effective solution.

We also manufacture AVAC – our own high-quality modular emergency sound system complete with an onboard digital message store and powerful public address and background music capabilities. Purposely designed to simplify the provision of a fully EN60849 compliant sound system for emergency purposes for schools, shopping centres, offices, hotels and other applications where clear and concise emergency voice communication is required, AVAC includes:-

  • Programmable pre-recorded evacuate, alert and test messages (an optional custom message recording service is also available at extra cost);
  • A prioritised mixer;
  • Two 60 Watt ‘Class D’ amplifiers;
  • Three balanced line level inputs for the optional connection of an emergency microphone, paging/public address equipment and a background music source.

The fact that multiple master and slave AVACs can be interconnected means AVAC is ideal for EN60849 compliant sound systems of all sizes.