The Free-link Wireless Mesh range




This is a brief overview of our Wireless range ,there are numerous types of wired and wireless applications ,for site specific solutions,please call or email our sales team to arrange a survey .

Cables for linking temporary fire alarms on construction sites have long been a source of frustration and headaches for the site management and installers alike. Installing the cables in the first place is one thing, but keeping them in place as the work progresses is even more challenging.

So the Howler Freelink radio link system is proving a popular beast.

Whilst externally the new Freelink is almost indistinguishable from its hard wired cousin, the internal organs have all been modified – and, most importantly, it has no tail. Up to 30 Howlers can be linked together, all communicating with a Freelink Control Panel, which is the brains of the family. The panel can tell you exactly which Howler has been activated; which unit is running low on battery power; whether any have become disconnected; and, of course, it has a test function to facilitate a quick weekly test procedure. The Howlers also have the ability to pass the message along the line, which greatly increases the overall area which can be covered, since they do not all have to be within range of the control panel.

All this may sound technical, but the best news of all is that any monkey could install this kit. You don’t need a laptop or any special gear, nor, indeed any special qualifications. If you can operate your mobile phone, you could install the Howler Freelink system.

The core strengths of the Howler alarms are carried forward in this fresh development – tough, reliable and simple to use. After all, our clients have helped design the system, and they know what they want. We think you’ll like it.



New style ABS plastic casing – designed for demanding environments.


Easy to install and operate.


Battery low and disconnection warnings.


Battery operated control panel pinpoints activated Howler.


Howlers talk to each other.


Links up to 30 Howlers.


Wireless Heat Detection and Smoke Detection available



Simple to use push on/off switch

IP65 rated switch – suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Large palm-push switch Push on/twist off switch

IP65 rated switch – suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Push on/key off switch prevents unauthorised silencing of alarm

Comes with 2 keys for resetting

IP65 rated switch – suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Conventional call-point prevents unauthorised silencing of alarm

Key resettable – keys provided