Addressable Sounder/VADs

C=-TEC VADSUtilising the latest advances in sounder and LED technology, C-TEC’s new range of EN54 part 3 and 23 compliant addressable sounder/VADs is now available.

Compatible with our entire range of ZFP and XFP Discovery/XP95 fire panels, three types are available:- ‘Compact’, ‘Hi-Output’ and ‘Base’.

Available in red or white polycarbonate with an optional 91dB(A) sounder, our ‘Compact’ range is one of the most efficient EN54 compliant VAD ranges on the market with an alarm current of just 14mA (VAD lit, sounder on max). Depending on mounting position, they offer C-3-8 coverage (ceiling) or W-3-3.1 coverage (wall).

Our ‘Hi-Output’ range is designed for wall mounting only. Also with an alarm current of just 14mA, the range includes two combined sounder/VADs offering W-3-8 coverage and two 100dB(A) sounders. All are available with a shallow (IP21C rated) or deep (IP33C rated) base.

Our C-3-8 ‘Base’ sounder/VAD is designed for use as part of a stacked sounder/VAD/detector base combination. Featuring two C-TEC designed lenses, it is able to provide EN54-23 compliant illumination levels at typical BS detector spacing intervals.

For detailed specifications, features & certification details, click on the part numbers or pictures below.


BF451A/CX/SW Sounder VAD   BF454A/CX/SW VAD   BF450A/CX/SW Sounder
Compact C-3-8 Ceiling VAD
c/w 91dB(A) Sounder
  BF458A/CX/SW Compact
C-3-8 Ceiling VAD

  BF450A/CX/SW Compact
91dB(A) Ceiling Sounder
BF451A/CX/SR Sounder VAD   BF454A/CX/SR VAD   BF450A/CX/SR Sounder
Compact W-3-3.1 Wall VAD
c/w 91dB(A) Sounder
  BF458A/CX/SR Compact
W-3-3.1 Wall VAD

  BF450A/CX/SR Compact
91dB(A) Wall Sounder


BF433A/SX/SR Hi-Output Sounder VAD BF430A/CX/SR Hi-Output Sounder
BF433A/CX/SR Hi-Output
W-3-8 Wall VAD c/w 100dB(A) Sounder (Shallow)
BF430A/CX/SR Hi-Output
100dB(A) Wall Sounder (Shallow)
BF433A/CX/DR Hi-Output Sounder VAD BF430A/CX/DR Hi-Output Sounder
BF433A/CX/DR Hi-Output
W-3-8 Wall VAD c/w 100dB(A) Sounder (Deep)
BF430A/CX/DR Hi-Output
100dB(A) Wall Sounder (Deep)


BF456A/CX/W C-3-8 Addressable Base VAD/Sounder BF431A/CX/W Addressable Base Sounder
BF456A/CX/W C-3-8 Addressable Base VAD c/w 91dB(A) Sounder BF431A/CX/W Addressable 91dB(A) Base Sounder