• Operating logics: AUTOMATIC – OPEN – MANUAL/NIGHT •

Self-learning of open and closed positions and measurement of the door weight

• Anti-crushing safety device active during opening and closing

• “PUSH and GO” function, can be selected (commands opening by a simple push on the door)

• “ANTI-WIND” function, can be selected (guarantees the resistance of the door during closure even with strong wind)

• Closing thrust to guarantee door closure even with strong wind

• AVS (Anti Vandal System) function: this device protects the motor if leaf movement is forced

• Manual operation in case of an electrical power cut

• Adjustment trimmer for: opening speed, closing speed, pause time

• Facility for: microwave radar, passive and active infrared sensor, command pushbuttons, photocells, electric locks, bolt, KP Controller programming unit, FAAC radio controls.

If you use the KP Controller or SDK Light function keypad, you obtain the following functions:

• Operating logics: AUTOMATIC – MANUAL – OPEN – ONE WAY – NIGHT – PARTIAL OPENING – DIAGNOSIS WITH A WIDE RANGE OF SIGNALS If you use the KP Controller keypad, coupled to the programming display, you obtain the following functions:

• Adjustment of opening and closing speed • Pause time adjustment

• Opening width adjustment

• Interlock function

• Master-Slave function for double-leaf door

• Facility for acoustic or light transit signallers

• Self-diagnosis.